Amidst all the celebration and ceremony, it can be easy to forget that you’ll want to find ways to revisit the cherished moments of your wedding day for years to come. While many couples ask guests to sign their names in a book in commemoration, a unique take on the traditional wedding day guest book will elevate your big day recollections.

Whether you’re looking for a way to revisit your memories in future anniversaries, a creative way to incorporate the guest list into home decor, or you’re looking to unleash your arts and crafts skills to remember those who shared your big day, these imaginative takes on the traditional guest book will create a meaningful keepsake.

Take their prints for eternal memories

Not that we’re suggesting you frisk your guests for security purposes, but as everyone’s fingerprint is unique, a special way to remember each one in a personal way is to incorporate their thumb dab into a piece of art. Particular favourites are to incorporate them into the shape of a balloon or to resemble the leaves on a tree.

However, you can let your imagination run riot. Perhaps you could opt for bees escaping from a jar of honey, flower petals blowing in the breeze or the spray from a champagne cork popping. This is also a great way to get the children on the guest list involved, no kid objects to messy fingers after all, but be sure to have a pack of wipes to hand for the adults.

A wedding day memorial bench

Turning the idea of a memorial bench somewhat on its head, a long wooden seat can be signed by all of your guests to create a permanent place of memory in the garden. Perhaps you can place it under a tree that has symbolic meanings for love and eternity, such as white jasmine or wisteria.

Every time you pause for a coffee or glass of wine outdoors, you’ll be reminded of your big day. An equally permanent and impressive but smaller option would be an attractive wooden slab that you can treat in the same way.

The first dance guestbook

Incorporating more than one aspect of your big day into a keepsake for cherished memories adds meaning. Creating a display of guest signatures with your first dance tune is a great way to do this. You don’t necessarily have to hunt out a record of the song chosen for the first dance, but it shouldn’t be too difficult these days, as vinyl records have had a revival. How you choose to display this is up to you, but a tastefully framed canvas will look stunning in your home once you’ve returned from your honeymoon.

For many more ideas to mark your wedding day memories, take a look through the rest of our blog posts. Or you can discuss them with us if you’re considering Hyde Bank Farm as your wedding venue.

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