Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life, and you want to remember it forever. But how can you ensure that the photographs you look back on are as beautiful as your big day? We explore how you can find your perfect wedding photographer.

Choose the venue

The type of photography you have will depend on the venue. Different venues lend themselves well to different styles of photography, and once you have booked your venue you can book your photographer – try to do this well in advance of the date, preferably nine to twelve months before.

Discover your favourite photography style

Not every photographer’s style is the same, and this will play a big role in the photographer you choose. You may prefer photographs that have that nostalgic, vintage feeling which means muted and washed-out images, or photographs that have a pop of bright colour. If you want a lot of black and white photography, some wedding photographers specialise in getting truly classic looking shots. Do your research into the kinds of wedding photographs you love, and then you can find photographers based on this.

Be clear on the fee

When you have a shortlist of photographers whose aesthetic suits yours, you should contact them initially to check that their fees are within your budget and that they are available for your date. Being clear on the fee and any extras is essential at this stage so that you don’t hire a photographer who isn’t within your price range.

Carry out interviews

Before making a final decision, you will have seen the portfolios of the photographers you’re interested in, and any additional information you need. At this stage, it is important to carry out interviews that cover things like who will actually be coming to photograph your wedding (if you go with a larger studio), whether they will have an assistant, and if they have worked at your venue before. Meeting them face to face can help you to go with the photographer who most speaks to your heart – choose someone you truly love!

With these tips and tricks for finding the best photographer for your wedding, it should be a little easier to get photographs you can look back on for years to come. And for the perfect wedding venue, get in touch with Hyde Bank Farm for the ideal place to make memories.

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