Making your day as memorable and magical as possible can mean adding unexpected twists to your wedding celebrations. It stamps your own personality on the day and gives family and friends lots to talk about!
So, here are 10 ideas to surprise your wedding guests.

1. Get creative with wedding catering

Shake up traditional wedding food with a diverse culinary adventure. Such as stalls serving street food, much-loved British favourites like Fish & Chips or made to order pizzas. (You could even offer a DIY cocktail bar.)

2. Desserts for the win

Niche and extravagant dessert outlets are springing up across Britain, so make your reception “Sweet Heaven” with a candy stall, pancake or waffle station, and a DIY ice cream sundae bar.

3. Interactive entertainment

The above ideas to surprise wedding guests also get people off their seats and mingling. Non-traditional wedding entertainment achieves that too. For example, not just photobooths, but robots that take photos or serve drinks. Or, table-side magic, strolling musicians or theatrical dramatic performances. How about a circus skills workshop, petting zoo or science experiments?

4. Put games and activities on each table

Another great icebreaker is to put low-cost games, puzzles, quizzes and activities on each table. Why should kids have all the fun!

5. Flash mob

This gives wedding guests a pleasant surprise and gets some involved too. Before the day, practice a dance or song that gives your family and friends a special musical message.

6. Unique first dance

The couple’s first dance is always special, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional number! Relieve pre-wedding stress by working together on a meaningful dance that makes everyone smile.

7. Virtual guests and speeches

Technology can be used to help absent friends and family join in the wedding and even contribute virtual speeches. You may not have a dry eye in the house.

8. Add in a chilled zone

For elderly relatives, overexcited littlies or anyone else set aside a quiet area with jugs of flavoured water, refreshing wipes and comfortable seating. You could add a basket of flip-flops or slippers so guests can slip off party footwear.

9. End the night with a bang

A firework display can be a great way to finish off the perfect wedding. Or, signal the end of the night with a memorable last snack, such as a mini kebab or pizza for the journey home.

10. Awe-inspiring wedding venue

The best and easiest way to surprise your wedding guests is to choose a venue that’s truly jaw-dropping. Such as beautiful, historic Hyde Bank Farm, one of the best Cheshire wedding venues if you want character, charm and oodles of style!


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