Like with most things, the wedding industry also has seasons. Whilst there are many differences between peak and low wedding season, the biggest of note is definitely the cost.  

At Hyde Bank Farm we believe a wedding any time of the year is beautiful and like with many of the choices for you big day is definitely a personal decision to what feels right for you as a couple. If you’re looking to save money, low season definitely has its perks, but there’s lots of other reasons why you may consider booking in what is known as the ‘less popular’ months of the year.

We’ve highlight four main reasons why you might consider a winter wedding date for your big day below.

Venue Costs

If you’ve already started researching and looking, you’ll know that your wedding venue hire will be the biggest expense of your wedding day. With that said, if your heart isn’t set on a summer date, or in fact the winter months hold fond memories for you and your partner, then a low season wedding date can significantly reduce the cost of your venue hire, in some cases by up to 50%!

With low season being classed as November to April or December to March, there’s usually less demand for weekend dates, due to the summer weekends tending to be more popular. If this isn’t an issue for you or is in fact exactly what you’re looking for then you could be onto a winner as you’ll get your dream wedding venue for a fraction of the price. If you were wanting to be even more frugal, mid-week weddings also mean further savings, so it’s always worth considering.


Like wedding venues, your wedding suppliers will certainly be in high demand during the summer months. With this said this, not only does this mean it may not be possible to get the supplier you had your heart set on but also, they are more likely to be charging their peak season prices.

Booking your chosen suppliers during low season means they’re likely to have a discounted season rate but also be in less demand meaning. If your chosen supplier doesn’t have different rates for times of the year, they’re more likely to be in less demand meaning there’s room to negotiate.


When it comes to your guests, the same stands as it does with your venue and suppliers; they’re more likely to be in demand. For many, the summer months mean wedding guest season as the weekends of July and August can be quickly filled with weekend after weekend of weddings, not to mention their own Summer holidays and commitments. If you have your heart set on a big day with full attendance from your guest list, there’s likely to be less commitments for them during the winter months meaning more acceptance RSVPs for you.


Similar to the wedding off-season, most hotels and resorts offer lowered rates to travellers during their slow months. If your chosen honeymoon destination, has the weather you’re after in the winter months then you could certainly bag yourself a great deal and treat yourself to some once in a lifetime excursion whilst you’re there. Not only can the quieter months bag you a deal, but it can also mean there are fewer tourist crowds, if this is more what you’re after.

If you don’t want to honeymoon in the Winter, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a bargain on your package, during the winter months, many travel agents offer big savings and discounts for booking ahead, so this is also an option and also something to look forward to following your big day

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