Our fluffy friends are such big parts of our lives, they truly feel like a member of the family. It’s no wonder then so many people look to include dogs and family pets in their wedding day celebrations. However, no matter how much you want your dog there on the big day, it can be hard to find ways to include them in the celebrations. In this latest blog post, we cover tips and tricks for including your dog in your wedding that will keep their tail wagging, and also give you a day to remember.

Have a doggy photoshoot

One of the best ways to include your dog in the wedding celebrations is to make them centre stage when it comes to photographs. When the chaos of the wedding day is over, you only have memories and photographs to remember it by. Think of fun photoshoot ideas to include your pup in so that they will always be a part of your big day.

Find a pet-friendly wedding venue

When looking to bring your dog along to the wedding, it is really important to make sure that the venue you hire is pet-friendly. This means that dogs are welcome both in the venue you’re getting married as well as any accommodation you may be staying in for the festivities. Make sure to clarify this with your potential wedding venue before paying any non-refundable deposits.

Hire a dog sitter for the day

While it is a joy to have your beloved pet at your wedding, there’s no denying even the best-behaved dogs can be a lot to look after. As the potential bride or groom you’re going to be pretty preoccupied most of the day, and unable to tend to all your dog’s needs. Consider hiring a dog sitter for the day to look after your dog, make sure they behave and keep them happy, watered and fed. Alternatively, ask another member of the family your dog feels comfortable with to limit their anxiety on the wedding day

Welcome other dogs to the wedding

If your venue is pet-friendly, why not go one step further and invite everyone’s fluffy member of the family along to the celebrations. Not only will this give your pup friends to play with and keep them entertained, but who doesn’t love a load of dogs in one space?


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