Do you have any suppliers you can recommend?

We can recommend excellent suppliers for the following services;

  • Wedding stationery
  • Cake
  • Car hire
  • Accomadation
  • Photographers
  • Wedding dresses
  • Event & venue dressing
  • Pianist
  • DJ
  • Live music
  • Taxi hire
When should we book our taxis?

Please note in our experience it is essential to book your taxis home in advance.

Will we be able to play music during the meal?

We have a system in place to allow music to be played during the meal. Please note we do have a sound limiter in place so that all your guests will have an enjoyable evening.

I'm getting married at a separate venue will this change our timings?

If you are married in church, we advise using the same timing schedule on arrival. This is only a guide. Our wedding coordinator will help to arrange the timing and other requests well in advance of the big day.

What are the usual timings of the day?

For a typical day, civil ceremonies normally last 25-30 minutes. Here is an example of a schedule;

Do you offer civil ceremonies

After securing your booking here at Hyde Bank Farm, you need to contact Stockport Registrars to arrange a time for your wedding. Telephone number: 0161 474 3363 Opening Times: Monday-Friday up to 4.00pm, Saturday up to 4.30pm If you have any problems please get back to us and we will try our best to help