The first stages of planning a wedding can be so exciting but can also be a little overwhelming. One of the key aspects of wedding planning is choosing what kind of day you and your partner would like, including of course the setting. We look at some of the pros and cons to help you choose between an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Indoor weddings


No weather worries

If you choose an indoor wedding then one thing is always guaranteed, the weather, which isn’t always easy to predict, especially when planning a wedding in the UK! This can also give you more choice of dates than trying to pick a time of year that is more likely to have good weather.

Flexible décor

Lots of wedding venues offer a great blank canvas for you to decorate and theme as personal as you want to you and your partner’s interests. Just be careful you don’t overspend on decorations!

One-stop destination

Indoor weddings often mean they are more straightforward for your guests as everything is in one place and they’re not having to think about anything practical, they can just enjoy the day. For the bride and groom, an indoor wedding also can mean being in a venue with a team who will run and look after the day for you, leaving you to enjoy every moment.


Limitation on guest size

If you dream of a huge wedding, then you may be limited by capacities in an indoor venue and you may want to check an indoor venue has plenty of rooms for the day to flow. It can be a great way to get out of inviting that long lost cousin you haven’t seen for years though!

Light for photography

Photographers love natural light so indoor venues can be challenging. Make sure you research photographers with a strong portfolio of indoor weddings and even better, photographers who have captured weddings at the venues you are looking at.

Less flexibility

Depending on the venue, you may be restricted to certain caterers, DJs and running times, so make sure you ask plenty of questions when viewing a venue if there are certain bespoke things you dream of on your wedding day.

Outdoor weddings


More space

One of the joys of an outdoor wedding is having more freedom for your guest list. An outdoor wedding is also great if you are inviting children as they’ll have plenty of room to run around and play, especially if you have garden games too.

Golden hour

You will have plenty of beautiful natural light at an outdoor wedding and your photographer will be able to get some stunning shots when golden hour hits into the evening celebrations.

Less décor needed

When the great outdoors is your backdrop you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations! If you are a nature lover as well, your day can then truly reflect your personality with an outdoor wedding.


Plan B is essential

When planning an outdoor wedding, you have to plan a backup option for bad weather. Make sure you are prepared for an outdoor wedding that needs full cover for your guests for the whole day.

Weather impact, both good and bad

Of course, when planning an outdoor wedding, the instinct is to prepare for rain, but make sure you think of extreme heat too. Your guests may need somewhere for shade if it’s a very hot day and consider supplying sun cream, fans and insect repellent to stop extreme heat spoiling the day.

Rental costs

Outdoor weddings are ideal for those who love to be creative and in control. They can also initially seem more affordable than an indoor wedding venue, but hiring a marquee, tables, chairs, cutlery, even toilets and generators will add up, so if cost is impacting your decision, make sure you research carefully.

Why not go for a venue that offers the best of both? At Hyde Bank Farm we have our stunning gardens where your guests can enjoy drinks after a beautiful ceremony in our Ann Hyde Suite. Check out our blog on planning an outdoor wedding for more tips or get in touch with us for our expertise on planning your perfect wedding day, whether indoors or outdoors.

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