With British summertime in full swing, now may be the perfect time to plan your dream outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings offer a fresh, decadent take on traditional indoor weddings and provide you with endless opportunities for creativity when it comes to design and planning. With an outdoor wedding, the whole world is your canvas and the result has the potential to be spectacular in every sense!

Planning plays a huge role in throwing the perfect outdoor wedding and getting this crucial step right will ensure that the big day goes as smoothly as possible. This article will guide you through how to plan an outdoor wedding so that you can throw the celebration of your dreams.

How to plan an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings bring unique opportunities to the table when it comes to decor, however, they also bring up extra considerations that must be taken into account before the big day. Outdoor venues are beautiful, but they can also be a pain to use! For this reason, you must consider a few things before the big day.

Does the venue have electricity?

It may seem obvious when you read it on paper, but you will be surprised at the number of wedding planners who forget to check if their outdoor venues have access to electricity! Electricity is a vital component of any wedding, as it is used to power lighting, music, projector screens and even kitchen equipment. Before the big day, make sure that your venue has multiple sources of electricity available for use.

Are there shelter options if it rains?

While your ideal outdoor wedding may be completely open-air, we are in England, so you need to have preparations in place in case it rains. You should ask the venue if they can supply gazebos or other forms of shelter for guests if it does rain on your wedding day and make sure that these are easy to set up last minute.

Does the venue have toilet facilities?

Another problem that sometimes pops up when planning an outdoor wedding is a lack of toilet facilities. Weddings can often last all day, so you must provide guests with adequate toilets on the day. Some outdoor venues may have indoor toilets nearby, and if not, you should hire portable toilet facilities for everyone to use.

Are there catering facilities available?

Food is a big part of any wedding day, and it is every host’s worst nightmare to let their guests go hungry! Outdoor venues may not have the large kitchens found in indoor venues and it is important to check before the day that food can be made and served on site. You should ask this before deciding on your wedding menu so that the food can be planned around the facilities that are available to you.

Planning an outdoor wedding can be made a whole lot easier if you choose a venue that specialises in hosting fairy-tale, outdoor weddings. At Hyde Bank Farm, we have years of experience at hosting indoor and outdoor weddings and can provide you with everything that you need to make yours the best outdoor wedding yet! If you would like to see our stunning venue in Chesire, you can arrange a visit today.

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