The first dance is one of the most precious moments of your wedding. As such, choosing the first dance song comes with a lot of pressure. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect first dance song.

1. Look for lyrics that speak to your relationship

Finding a song with a set of lyrics that speak to your story sets apart any love song and your love song. Did you struggle with long-distance, were you high school sweethearts, or did you meet each other later in life? Whatever your love story is, there is a song that speaks to it.

2. Choose a song that symbolises a special moment together

If you and your partner have a song that reminds you of a special and memorable moment, consider it your first dance song. Cast your mind back to some of your fondest memories and think of a song that was playing or reminds you of special moments between you and your partner. It could be your first date, your proposal, and so on.

3. Pick a song you can dance to

It is crucial that you pick a song which you and your partner are comfortable dancing to. If you have your heart set on a particular song but feel the rhythm is off, browse the internet for different song renditions or ask your band to create a customised rendition.

4. Bend the rules

Conventional first-dance songs are slow and mellow, but if you want something more upbeat, go for it! There are no rules, so go with what feels most authentic to you and your partner.

5. Listen to more music together

Your first dance song needs to feel right. While there may be songs that are sentimental to you and your partner, you are allowed to explore other options. Search for wedding songs or love songs and listen to them together. The more songs you listen to, the more likely you are to find the perfect first dance for you.


Picking your first dance song can be overwhelming, but the tips mentioned above can help make the process easier. Don’t focus so much on what is conventional but what feels most authentic and best describes your love story. Good luck!

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