It’s easy for wedding costs to quickly add up and it can be tricky balancing your dream wedding ideas with your budget. Here are three clever ideas that you might not have already considered to help you save money on your wedding day.

1. Create a wedding website to save on printing fees

Wedding invitations can cost a small fortune, particularly if you’re planning on “save the date” cards in addition to formal invites. Plus, the invites themselves can include multiple inserts with essential details like gift registry information, wedding breakfast menu choices, and travel and accommodation logistics.

When you create a wedding website you simply have to send out a single save the date card to each guest with your website URL. You can then update the site with all the essential details when you’re further along with your plans. This is particularly handy if your wedding involves multiple events, such as a welcome party, rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch the morning after.

2. Create a DIY photo booth

Photo booths are incredibly popular at wedding receptions because they let your guests capture fun moments that can be treasured for years to come. However, professional photo booth hire can cost hundreds of pounds. You can create your own photo booth alternative by investing in a Polaroid camera, plenty of films, and a corkboard. Invite your guests to snap some selfies throughout the night and pin them to the board.

This is a brilliant way to capture fun, candid moments that you can later put on display in your home. Plus, if you know your guests will be taking plenty of photos in the evening you can reduce the number of hours you book a professional photographer for and save some extra cash.

3. Hire up and comers

A brilliant way to save cash when hiring professionals is to search for up and coming talent rather than those who are highly experienced. This goes for photographers, musicians, hair and makeup artists, wedding cake bakeries… the list goes on! People who are new to the industry tend to have more affordable rates to reflect their lack of experience, but this doesn’t mean to say they’re lacking in talent and ability. You could save hundreds by taking a chance on a less experienced professional.

It goes without saying that you should always check over a potential hire’s portfolio carefully so that you know their work is good. You should also ask them where they learned their trade to ensure they’ve had adequate training. If you love their work and their rates, go for it!

Get your dream wedding on a budget

Think outside the box and be flexible on the small details, and you’ll be sure to save money in lots of little ways to achieve your dream wedding on a budget. Looking for the perfect venue? Contact us to discuss hosting your big day at beautiful Hyde Bank Farm.

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