There is no better way to remember a wedding than with a gorgeous photo album that holds every memory, from when you first put on your dress to when you and your partner climb into your honeymoon transport. The best wedding photo albums are those that symbolise special meaning to the bride and groom and contain an array of beautifully captured moments from the event that represents just how magical your day truly was. They say that one photo can tell a thousand stories and creating the perfect photo album could be the cherry on top of a wonderful day. To help you captivate your special moments, here are our tips and ideas for creating your wedding album.

Capture the real moments

There comes a time at every wedding when the bride, groom and all of their guests will stand together for group photos. While these staged pictures may be a beautiful token of your wedding day, they don’t always capture the truly special moments or the real emotions that were present. Ask your photographer to take candid snaps of the happy couple and the guests so that your album can be filled with photos that represent the true happiness that was felt on your big day. Nothing beats a photo of the groom’s reaction to his bride when she walks down the aisle or the beaming faces of parents as they watch their children tie the knot.

Keep things minimal

It can be tempting to fill your wedding album with decorative stickers, flower petals, gemstones and other pretty decors, however, this can leave the finished product looking a little cluttered. Wedding photos are special just the way they are so, you should consider keeping things minimal and including little more than the memories themselves in your album. Keeping your album clutter-free will also make it easier to add in any extra photos that may appear as you go- you don’t want to risk running out of space to keep your precious memories.

Location is key

Of course, the happy couple and their wedding guests will be the main subjects of the wedding photos however, it is your wedding location that will provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding album photos. For the best wedding album photos, opt for a venue that is elegant and romantic, with numerous aesthetic locations for your photographer to snap the perfect picture.

Hyde Bank Farm is a stunning grade A listed building that makes for the perfect fairy tale wedding location. The venue is rich with history and has a number of beautiful spots for your photos to be taken. If this delightful venue sounds like the perfect place for your dream wedding, get in touch with the team today and arrange a visit.

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