When planning your wedding, you will likely spend time considering what time of year to plan your celebrations for. Whilst weddings take place all year round, different couples may opt for different seasons for various reasons. There are lots to consider when choosing the date for your wedding, so we’ve put together this guide on the pros and cons of getting married in each season.

The pros & cons of a winter wedding

When opting for a winter wedding, you may choose to plan your nuptials for the festive season. Getting married at Christmas can make your celebrations feel even more special and romantic. If you live in an area that experiences snowfall in winter, you may also be able to take some magical photographs in the snow on your big day.

Equally, the weather has the potential to be a downfall of a winter wedding. Colder temperatures make outdoor weddings tricky, and you run the risk of rainfall preventing you and your wedding party from enjoying photographs and celebrations outside. If you have friends and relatives travelling from further away, winter weather may also prevent them from making it to your big day if flights or trains are cancelled.

The pros & cons of a spring wedding

Spring weddings are perfect for couples who want to have access to beautiful spring flowers and not have to worry about overly hot temperatures on their big day. When holding an outdoor wedding in spring you can look forward to ambient temperatures and spending long periods of time outside with your wedding party without getting too overheated in a big wedding dress.

One of the cons of holding a spring wedding, particularly outdoors, is the risk of allergies. Spring can be a tricky time for seasonal allergies and if you suffer from hayfever you may want to think twice about an outdoor wedding at this time of year.

The pros & cons of a summer wedding

Summer is the most popular time of year for weddings. This is because you can look forward to bright blue skies and warm temperatures on your big day. This will make taking pictures outside and capturing romantic backdrops possible and enjoyable for your whole wedding party.

However, the demand for summer weddings also makes this one of the most expensive and hard-to-book times of year to get married. You may find yourself on a long waitlist for a summer wedding venue.

The pros & cons of an autumn wedding

Autumn weddings are one of the least popular times of the year couples typically choose to marry, which means you will have more options and availability when it comes to wedding venues. The golden autumn colours can also make for a beautiful wedding theme!

However, autumnal weather can be volatile, meaning showers or colder temperatures during your celebrations are more likely. For those looking to hold an outdoor ceremony, autumn wouldn’t be your best season.

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