When it comes to planning your wedding, there are lots of important things to factor in however we believe that finding the perfect match when it comes to the venue can be just as important as finding your perfect partner!

Your wedding venue will not only be where you and your guests enjoy the majority of the day, it also plays the role of setting the scene for what style wedding you’re trying to achieve. Whether it be a modern hotel style wedding, traditional manor house or quaint and characterful barn there’s lots of must ask questions that brides and grooms forget to ask that could mean you end up selecting a venue that is missing a key element to your perfect day.

To save this from happening we’ve compiled a list of must-ask questions to help you select your venue. Whilst all may not be relevant to your style day, answering as many as possible means you’ve left no stone unturned. When finding answers to the questions, also take into consideration how this could affect parts of the day or important guests such as Mothers of the Bride or Groom, or Grandparents.

Venue Basics

  • Availability – What dates do they currently have? Being booked up lots in advance can be a sign of a popular venue. Desired by some, or not unique enough for others, what is it you’re looking for?
  • Capacity – How many people does the venue hold both for the daytime reception and evening reception
  • Price – How much will it cost for the hire of the venue, what does AND doesn’t this include (ask for an extensive list if possible)
  • Length of hire – When will the venue be available to our party and how long will we have use of the venue

Venue Insights

  • Are there any other events happening on the premises on the same day?
  • Are there any restrictions (music/video/photography)?
  • How far in advance do we need to book?
  • Can we schedule a rehearsal and if so when?
  • Is your venue licensed to carry out civil weddings?
  • Are outside officiants permitted?
  • Can we decorate?
  • Is there parking for guests?
  • Do we have to use your approved suppliers?

Ones you won’t have thought of

  • Is the Aisle runner provided
  • Are we allowed to throw confetti
  • Do you allow fireworks
  • Do you allow candles to be lit
  • If the evening reception is being held in a room that is being used for something else earlier in the day, do you require the evening entertainment to set up their equipment beforehand?
  • Is there a quieter area for older guests to get away from the noise of a band/DJ?
  • Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until you are able to collect them and are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?

As well as these there are other questions to consider such as catering and accommodation however these will provide the basics as to whether you’re interested enough to find out more and consider making that venue for your special day. We highly recommend asking these questions to each venue you visit and then taking note of your post meeting impressions so that you can reflect on what you did and didn’t like about each place.

When you book your wedding at Hyde Bank Farm, your experience starts with our wonderful wedding co-ordinator Mandy Blackhurst who’ll be able to answer all of the above questions and more. Mandy has been helping guests experience the perfect day ever since Hyde Bank Farm opened its doors and she can help you with every aspect of planning to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your perfect day.

Should you need more information on our wedding venue, feel free to contact us.

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