Eco-weddings are increasingly becoming popular as people strive to minimise adverse environmental impacts wherever possible. Choosing greener alternatives in a wedding, including venue, food, stationery, and others, can help couples minimise their overall carbon footprint while still celebrating their big day in style and splendour. Besides organising eco-friendly weddings, couples can also recycle most items used during their event to minimise wastage and pollution. Here are a few ideas on recycling and reusing wedding items.

Reuse your wedding dress

An excellent way to reuse your wedding dress is to dye and redesign it into an evening or cocktail dress. Alternatively, you can have a tailor reuse part of your wedding dress to create an exciting skirt or to make different décor items like pillows. Some brides opt to contribute their lovely wedding dresses to local charities to assist other disadvantaged people who may not have enough funds to buy or rent a gown.

Recycle or donate wedding stationery

Weddings typically involve lots of stationery, like paints, embellishments, stamps, and others, to accomplish various tasks. Most of these stationery items can be reused at home or donated to local schools. Everything from invitation cards to wrapping papers can all be reused creatively into gift cards, photo frames, and wall hangings.

Recycle the flowers

Despite being perishable, you can recycle flowers instead of throwing them away at the end of your wedding. Practical suggestions for recycling flowers include giving out decorative flowers to guests, donating to hospitals or nursing homes, and decorating other events and parties with the same flowers. You can also take the vases home to store other flowers.

To ensure guests eat to their hearts’ content, most couples order a lot of extra food for their wedding. However, according to research, a tenth of all wedding food is thrown away. If you have leftovers from your wedding, make plans with your catering team to donate them to local food shelters. Also, donate all food scraps to a farmer for compost.


The practical tips above should give you great ideas for recycling wedding items. That way, you can help play an active role in safeguarding the environment. For more tips on how to plan a green wedding, browse the rest of our blog or get in touch with us if you’re considering Hyde Bank Farm as your wedding venue.

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