Congratulations, you’re getting married! You’ve no doubt got your dress, your flowers and your guest list sorted. But have you thought about your wedding from the perspective of any children who are going to be in attendance? It’s not just about adding a kids’ meal to the wedding breakfast or having an ice cream sundae bar; it’s about making sure that everyone, no matter their age, has a good time. Here are some child-friendly wedding ideas to help.

Make sure there is some age-appropriate entertainment

Let’s face it, kids can’t sit still for very long, so you’re going to want to make sure there is something fun for them to do at the wedding. To keep them entertained on what is going to be a long day, you might want to provide some games and puzzles for them to play, especially during those lulls when you’re having photos taken or waiting for the wedding breakfast to start. If it’s warm enough and you have a lot of children coming to the wedding, a bouncy castle could be a good investment. 

Put children’s meals on the menu

Weddings aren’t cheap, especially the food, so you don’t want to be wasting your money on meals that children simply won’t eat. Rather than giving them smaller portions of the adult meals, put actual children’s dishes on the menu instead. You don’t have to go overboard with kids’ wedding meals – garlic bread to start, fish and chips for the main and ice cream for dessert is always a hit. If you’re offering canapés as well, make sure there are suitable alternatives for the kids – small sweet bags or cupcakes could be great ideas.

Give your child attendees a gift

Giving each child a small gift bag is an excellent way to make them feel special on your big day. Even the excitement of opening this will keep them entertained. Just make sure the activities and items inside are age appropriate. Colouring books, bubbles and fidget toys are good child wedding gifts. 
If you’re having children in your bridal party, you may want to give them something a bit more special to say thank you. An item of jewellery or a personalised teddy will go down a treat.

Think carefully about your venue

If you know you’re going to be inviting a lot of children to your wedding, it’s important to think carefully about your venue. You want it to be a safe space where they can freely run around and explore; a venue that’s situated on a busy main road, for example, may not be a suitable choice. Speak to the venues you are considering and see what they offer younger guests – ask if they have a space that you can set up as a playroom for the day. Some venues may even provide toys and games. 

If you’re looking for child-friendly wedding venues, Hyde Bank Farm could be a perfect choice thanks to its beautiful acres of land. Get in touch today to find out more about our wedding venue in Cheshire.

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