Choosing who you want to come to your wedding is hard. You’ll spend days, if not weeks and months, pondering over the final guest list. If you have a tight budget and need to limit numbers, this process becomes even harder. 
Rather than dreaming about your wedding day, you’re likely having nightmares instead, especially if you’re worried about upsetting someone. If you need help curating the perfect wedding guest list, carry on reading. 

Start with a preliminary list

Start with your immediate families, such as your parents and siblings. Make sure to include grandparents (if you still have them) and any aunts, uncles and cousins you’re close to. Members of the bridal party will need to be factored in here as well. 
Your distant family should come next. These include relatives whom you might not have seen for a long time but you know are important members of the family. This might be great aunts and uncles, for example, or any family members who live away. 
Then, of course, you will want to invite your friends and possibly your co-workers. Start by making a list of your closest friends, moving down to more distant ones. If you’re limited by numbers, you may decide to invite your distant friends to the evening reception instead, rather than the whole day. 
Remember to get your partner to follow these steps as well as you’ll need to consider both families and your respective sets of friends. 

Ask yourself some important questions

f, after creating the preliminary list above, you have too many guests, you’ll need to cut this down. There are a few questions you can use to help with this, including: 
· Have I spoken to this person in the last year? 
· Are we on good terms? 
· Would I pick up the phone and talk to them right now? 
· Can I have fun and be myself around them? 
If you can’t truthfully say yes to any of these questions, then take them off your guest list. Remember, this is your wedding day, so don’t be pressured by other family members into inviting people you don’t speak to or haven’t seen in a long time. 

Be firm on children and plus ones

If your numbers are tight, another way to help keep your guest list manageable is limiting plus-ones and children. However, if you do this, you want to make sure it’s the same rule for all guests. 
A good rule to follow is only allowing family members or friends in long-term relationships to bring their partners along (e.g., those who are engaged or married). In terms of children, keep this to close family members only and make sure any evening guests know the invite doesn’t extend to their kids. 

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