Following the UK Lockdown in March 2020, couples’ wedding plans were thrown into turmoil and left hanging up in the air for the entirety of 2020. With many being forced to postpone until 2021 or later and many still not knowing if their big day will go ahead as they planned, we wanted to answer some questions in line with what the Government advice is currently reporting.

According to the proposed roadmap out of lockdown as of 21st June 2021 Weddings can resume in England with no restrictions. Until then smaller weddings in spring can still take place but still under some restrictions.

Following the 29th March, wedding ceremonies have restarted with 6 people and wedding receptions will restart with 15 people from 12th April. As of 17th May, this number is due to increase to 30 people. All changes are subject to various rules, which we outline below.

If after reading the above you’re still unsure as to whether you WANT it to go ahead there’s lots of things for you to take into consideration. If your ceremony was due while weddings were banned, you should generally be entitled to a full refund if you don’t want to postpone. There are rules outlined by the Competition and Markets Authority that outlines in what cases this is an option. If your wedding is coming up and is technically allowed to take place, that’s where things become trickier. This is where you’ll need to read your contract and small print.

The majority of wedding insurance does not cover a “government act”, so it is unlikely to pay out if the COVID19 lockdown affected your wedding. There are a few wedding insurers who are paying out though, so it is worth enquiring with yours. *It will help your case if you can demonstrate you have tried to recoup the money from your venue and suppliers.

If you’ve been forced to cancel your wedding and you’re interested in hearing how Hyde Bank Farm could help plan your perfect day or you simply have some questions you’d like to ask, then get in touch today.

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