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Engaged during Lockdown? Here’s how to plan your wedding!

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For many, the focus on weddings during the global pandemic has been due to cancellations or postponements of their big day. However, if you’d recently got engaged before lockdown hit or if you’ve even got engaged during it, there’s a lot to navigate in terms of whether you should or how to proceed with starting… Read more »

7 Things to Remember for your Wedding Reception

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When it comes to planning your wedding the details and lists of things you need to remember are endless. The part where most go wrong is assuming that once you have chosen your venue, decorators and caterers, that the big decisions are out the way and these suppliers will deal with perfecting your reception for… Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Plan a Wedding?


When it comes to planning your big day there isn’t a right or wrong answer for how long it will take to plan everything or how much in advance you should start to do so. However, depending on the style of wedding you’re wanting, some things will take longer to plan than others. That’s why… Read more »

Which Type of Wedding Ceremony is Right for Your Big Day?


When it comes to choosing the type of wedding ceremony right for your big day, often couples don’t know the variety that is on offer. Many brides and grooms don’t realise that the type of ceremony chosen determines many other decisions such as where you can exchange vows and who can officiate. Deciding on whether… Read more »


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As the Bank Holiday Weekend has just past, and the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign went viral on Social Media we wanted to join in and show our support to all other like-minded businesses like ourselves that may have been impacted by the Coronavirus. We’ve touched on it before, but since the UK went into lockdown back in… Read more »

Top Tips for Table Decorations


When it comes to your wedding reception, this really is the fun part of the planning preparation and where you can really show off your style and personality through your decoration. Whether you’re thinking of getting crafty yourself or you’re planning to hire a wedding decorator, your table decorations are often an integral part of… Read more »

Coronavirus: What are the rules on weddings in the UK?

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Following the UK Lockdown in March, couples’ wedding plans have been thrown into turmoil and left hanging up in the air for the spring/summer season of 2020. With lots being forced to postpone and for many still not knowing if their big day will go ahead, we wanted to answer some questions that may help… Read more »

Wedding Venue Checklist

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When it comes to planning your wedding, there are lots of important things to factor in however we believe that finding the perfect match when it comes to the venue can be just as important as finding your perfect partner! Your wedding venue will not only be where you and your guests enjoy the majority… Read more »